Obama reacts to whether Hurricane Sandy will impact ability of residents to vote

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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President Barack Obama reacted Sunday to the fear that Hurricane Sandy could impact people’s ability to vote in the presidential race.

“We don’t anticipate that at this point, but we’re obviously going to have to take a look,” Obama said Sunday after receiving a briefing on the storm from FEMA officials in Washington D.C.

However, the storm is already affecting early voting in one state. Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley canceled voting in the state on Monday because of Hurricane Sandy.

According to a pool report from the FEMA briefing, Obama called Hurricane Sandy a “serious and big storm” and urged people in impacted areas to “to take this very seriously.”

Projections indicate that it’s possible the storm could affect residents in places like Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio, three competitive swing states in the presidential race.

“Anything they need, we will be there,” Obama said of residents who find themselves impacted by the storm.

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