Paul Ryan campaigns in Ohio, telling swing state voters to reject Washington ‘red tape’

Monique Hamm Contributor
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Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan told an audience in Zanesville, Ohio on Saturday that Mitt Romney is the best candidate for the state’s economy.

Ryan noted that 23 million in the United States are out of work and that the state has lost 600,000 manufacturing jobs since 2008.

“If you’re a manufacturer or small business, what are you seeing come from Washington?” Ryan asked. “You see more government regulation. You see more red tape.”

Using domestic energy sources that depend on the coal mines and oil refineries in Ohio, Ryan said, is a centerpiece of the Romney plan that would get Ohioans back to work while reducing the country’s dependence on foreign energy.

Recent polls have shown Obama maintaining narrow lead in Ohio, with less than two weeks to go until Election Day.

“We know that, if the president gets reelected, he’ll keep regulating coal out of existence,” Ryan warned. “He’ll keep waging his war on coal, and he’ll go back for his natural energy tax.”

“How are we going to make things?” he added. “How are we going to bring back manufacturing jobs in Ohio and Wisconsin … if we keep taxing our businesses at twice the rate our foreign competitors tax theirs?”

More than 600,000 people in Ohio work in manufacturing, making it the third highest state in manufacturing employment, according to the Ohio Manufacturer’s Association.

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