New ads encourage women to break up with Obama

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The conservative group Independent Women’s Voices is looking to woo single women in swing states with a series of ads comparing the election to the end of a bad relationship.

On Monday, IWV announced the release of two new ads in their  “Boyfriend” online ad series.

The groups new “Feeling Guilty” and “Mr. Dependable” ads tell the story of single woman considering breaking up with her boyfriend, using numerous allusions to Obama’s presidency.

“He’s never accountable, he’s so condescending, he always has somebody else to blame,” laments the 2008 Obama voter in the “Mr. Dependable” ad, whose yoga-mat-bearing friend encourages her to end the relationship.

“You’ve been with Mr. Cool for four years now, look where that got you,” the friend says.

“I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but maybe it’s time for Mr. Dependable,“ the now ex-Obama voter says.

Watch “Mr. Dependable:”

The “Boyfriend” ads are slated to run through Election Day in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin as part of a $7.8 million advocacy online video ad buy lead by the conservative group Let Freedom Ring, according to IWV.

“There are a lot of women who voted, for legitimate and understandable reasons, for President Obama, and who were emotionally really committed to his promises of delivering hope and change, but who now are facing real disappointment, have learned better, and don’t want to make the same mistake twice,” Heather Higgins, president and CEO of IWV wrote The Daily Caller in an email.

“We hear this over and over, and try to capture this sentiment in our progression of “Seemed Perfect” ads (Boyfriend, Feeling Guilty, Mr. Dependable), so that other women having the same thoughts know they are not alone in feeling that way.”

Higgins added that, in partnership with Let Freedom Ring and other conservative groups, they have been testing the effectiveness of the multimillion dollar all-online effort, testing the waters where “TV is massively oversaturated, and  arguably a very inefficient way to reach a specific number of people – those who are open to changing their minds.”

Where Obama formerly held a 16 percentage point edge among women voters last month. An Associated Press-GfK poll released late last week found Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Obama in a dead heat among women voters 47 percent to 47 percent.

Watch “Feeling Guilty”:

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