Limbaugh: ‘Christie has decided to play the role of a Greek column’ for Obama [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Wednesday radio program, talkshow host Rush Limbaugh mocked that budding partnership between President Barack Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, calling the staunch Romney surrogate a “Greek column,” in reference to the Greek columns at Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention nomination acceptance speech in Denver.

“New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has decided to play the role of a Greek column today for President Obama,” Limbaugh said. “Obama and Chris Christie will tour the Jersey Shore. Who lives on the shoreline, [producer Bo] Snerdley? That’s exactly right — the 1 percent live on the beach. It isn’t cheap, Rachel. I don’t know if you know this or not. It isn’t cheap to live on the beach anywhere. Well, there are a couple places, but, I mean, for the most part. President Obama and the Greek column, Chris Christie, will be walking the coastline, viewing properties owned by the 1 percenters, to whom Barack Obama has said, ‘You didn’t build that. You didn’t make that happen.'”

Later in his program in responding to a listener phone call, Limbaugh laid out one plausible explanation and constructed the timeline of events that might lead one to think Christie was setting Romney up for a loss.

“[W]hen you sit there and you’re the only guy saying that Romney’s going clean up, what are you doing?” Limbaugh said. “You are raising expectations. It was thought to be unfair what Christie did. He put all kinds of pressure on Romney to mop the floor with Obama. Remember — before the first debate, the conventional wisdom is that Obama is just the greatest speaker. I’m not talking about you and I. We know he’s nothing without the prompter. I’m talking about population at large in the media. So Christie goes out there, raises these expectations to a point that nobody thought Romney could possibly do that, and what if Romney hadn’t done that?”

“What if Romney hadn’t come through?” Limbaugh continued. “Now here we are, I’m just asking some questions. Here we are a week, we got six days before the election. And yesterday Chris Christie said, ‘I don’t care. The election’s not important right now. I need the president of the United States here. He’s been great for me and my state,’ and so forth. Now, when you look at it as I have laid it out, what do you think?”

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