Romney camp has no hard feelings for Chris Christie

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Mitt Romney‘s presidential campaign says it’s not harboring any hard feelings for Chris Christie after the New Jersey governor effusively praised President Barack Obama‘s response to Hurricane Sandy.

“Gov. Christie is doing his job,” Romney senior adviser Russ Schriefer said during a Wednesday conference call.

Schriefer’s comments were made in response to a question from a reporter asking if the campaign is “annoyed” by the Republican Christie’s positive words for a Democratic president. In multiple interviews, Christie has gone out of his way to applaud Obama for his actions after the storm subsided.

“I have to say, the administration, the president, himself and FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate have been outstanding with us so far,” Christie said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Tuesday. “We have a great partnership with them.”

Christie has campaigned across the country as a surrogate for Romney. Liberals have argued that Christie’s praise could even help Obama in Tuesday’s election, while some conservatives have questioned Christie for praising Obama so much, so close to Election Day.

But Romney’s campaign says it doesn’t view Christie’s praise as anything more than a governor trying to help his state. (RELATED: ‘Jersey Shore’ case reacts to devastating Sandy damage)

“He is the governor of a state that has been hit by a very, very horrific storm,” Schriefer said. “There’s tremendous damage, people have lost their lives and he’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing as governor of New Jersey.”

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