Coulter on Christie: ‘We’ll find out tomorrow when Romney wins that he didn’t do any damage’

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has recently taken fire from conservatives for effusively praising President Barack Obama’s efforts to help his state recover from Hurricane Sandy, but columnist Ann Coulter said Christie’s behavior won’t substantially influence voters on Election Day.

“I don’t think he really has done any damage at all,” Coulter said. “We’ll find out tomorrow, when Romney wins, that he didn’t do any damage. If anything, I think Obama touring with Christie kind of made the president look small, and made it look like Christie’s in charge. I mean, the president only showed up for photo ops wherever he was invited. He was rejected from New York. We didn’t really want him here.”

Coulter, author of “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” had been a supporter of a potential Christie presidential run earlier this cycle.

She reminded viewers that, in 2010, the Obama administration denied New Jersey federal education funds on what she said was essentially a technicality. Ever since that incident, Coulter claimed, Christie knew he had to “suck up” to Obama in certain cases to help his state.

“And I think the reason Christie did it isn’t hard to figure out,” Coulter said. “Right after Christie became governor, remember how the Obama administration denied some crucial No Child Left Behind — some education funds, to the state of New Jersey? They claimed, ‘You didn’t have your education records from 2006,’ or something. It was a complete pretext. It was because there was a Republican governor. And right now, New Jersey is hurting, and that’s what Christie has to worry about. He needs to get federal funds. And, unfortunately, that means he has to suck up to the grand leader.”

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