Reporter: DC poll workers given photo of ‘the real Eric Holder’

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ABC News’ Jason Ryan reported via Twitter Tuesday afternoon that some DC poll workers have been given a photo of Attorney General Eric Holder in an effort to positively ID him should he show up to vote.

“After James O’Keefe stunt in DC precinct 9 poll workers given picture of AG Eric Holder with ‘The real Eric Holder’ scrawled on paper,” @JasonRyanABC wrote.

The revelation that poll workers are relying on the photo to identify Holder comes after conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe captured undercover footage earlier this year of DC poll workers offering Holder’s ballot to a young white activist.

At the time, the Department of Justice called the video a “manufactured” example of “voter fraud.”

Asked for comment, O’Keefe told The Daily Caller, “It sounds like they’re disenfranchising Eric Holder’s vote by providing a photo ID for him.”

Washington, D.C. does not require photo identification when voting. (RELATED: NC election official: Democrat may have voted twice in rural county)

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