Undecided voter says Obama can’t get ‘too rough’ or ‘they will pop a cap in him like the Kennedy boys’ [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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WASHINGTON – The Daily Caller hit the streets of Washington, D.C. on Election Day to ask people which candidate they voted for and why.

The majority of voters interviewed by TheDC on video said they supported President Barack Obama over Republican nominee Mitt Romney, but some said they are not voting for any candidate.

James A. Ford, Jr. told TheDC that he sees no difference between Obama and Romney other than their race.

“The only difference is a little matter of skin color, and that’s not too far, because everything else is basically the same,” he told TheDC.

If Obama wins a second term, Ford added, he will be able to do “a lot more.”

“He’ll be able to do a lot more than he did during his first term when he had to prove all his obligations to everybody who got him in there and then he got to think about getting re-elected,” said Ford.

“Now that he’s re-elected and there’s no tomorrow after that, then he can go on and get a little rough, but not too rough, because they will pop a cap in him like they did the Kennedy boys and King and the rest of the prophets of America. With that, I’m James A. Ford, Jr. I’m going to step off. God bless you.”

Another man told TheDC that he is staying away from the polls because he doesn’t “believe” in voting.

“Neither one of them have the interest for the poor people in this country. It’s a fassage,” he said, apparently intending to say the word “facade.” A “fassage,” according to at least one source, is a combination of full-body massage and classic facial.

“Give us our reparations for the heinous acts of slavery. It may seem to stupid or foolish to you, but if we were to get what’s owed to us, we wouldn’t be living below the poverty level, or there weren’t be so much destitution among our people in this country.”

Norah from Ohio told TheDC that she voted for Obama because she grew up in a “Democratic household” and agrees with “all” of his policies.

Another Obama supporter said Romney is a “jerk” who does not “seem to have the 99 percent in mind.”

Watch the full video above to view these interviews and more.

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