MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘Immigration reform’ will get ’80 to 90 votes in the Senate’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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After Tuesday night’s re-election victory for President Barack Obama, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd predicted that one of the president’s agenda items — one promise he never managed to fulfill in his first term — would breeze into law. “Immigration reform,” he said, will get “80 to 90 votes in the Senate.” Since the election night results showed Republicans unable to attract Latino voters, he said, “Republicans will run, not walk, in trying to support that now.”

On the Wednesday broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown,” NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker said Obama’s victory speech in Chicago pointed to an immigration bargain.

The president, Welker, said, “laid out some of the other things he wanted to accomplish during his second term that he wasn’t able to accomplish during his first term. One of those things [was] immigration reform.”

“He of course got a lot of criticism from the Latino community for not bringing about immigration reform, not getting the DREAM Act passed. You heard him mention that last night. Latinos clearly played a big role in his re-election. So I think that is something we’ll see him dedicate a fair amount of time to.”

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