9-year-old girl dominates boys football league [VIDEO]

Laura Byrne Contributor
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Nine-year-old Sam Gordon scored 25 touchdowns in her first season of tackle football — in an boys league.

Sam just wanted to play with her older brother Max and his friends, like any typical little sister. But there has been nothing typical or little about her performance thus far.

Max’s baby sister, who weighs less than 60 pounds, shocked league coaches when she beat boys two years older than her in drills. Sam is now one of the fastest players in the Salt Lake City area “Gremlin” league.

“She could cut and follow blocks like a college football player,” her coach, Chris Staib told Yahoo News.

According to Yahoo, Staib strategized how to draft Gordon for his team and convinced all the other coaches to pass on her, arguing that she would get injured. He then drafted her as his first choice.

Sam, or “Sweet Feet” as her team calls her, scored 25 touchdowns and 10 conversions her first season. Her father Brent Gordon compiled a highlight reel, which has now gone viral.

Brent Gordon is a proud papa who admits this isn’t something he taught his daughter. When Sam started playing soccer at age four, Brent Gordon told Yahoo that “there were some games where she’d fall down and just keep going.”

“She would get kicked in the face, kicked in the gut and just keep going,” he added.

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