9-year-old Ukrainian boy steals $4000 from his parents to buy candy

Laura Byrne Contributor
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A 9-year-old Ukrainian boy stole $4000 of his parent’s savings that was hidden in the couch for safekeeping, according to the news service UPI.

What did he spend it on? Candy, of course.

“The disappearance [of the money] was first spotted by his father. He opened the stash and saw it was empty,” Tatyana Kushnerova of the Konotop, Ukraine police department, told UPI.

After the boy’s dad confronted his son about the missing money, the boy finally admitted to stealing it. The boy took $3,300 in U.S. cash and close to 600 euros ($635).  An adult the boy knew helped him convert the euros into Ukrainian hryvnas, so he could spend it on candy.

The Russian RIA Novosti reported Wednesday that the boy did not eat all the candy in one place and actually shared it with his friends

He also tipped the man who helped convert the money. The man who helped him has been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

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Laura Byrne