Carolla rants against Elizabeth Warren’s ‘weird and f–ked up message’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his podcast on Wednesday, comedian Adam Carolla excoriated Elizabeth Warren, the U.S. Sen.-elect from Massachusetts, for taking the populist stance at the Democratic National Convention that “the system is rigged” against Democrats.

“Horrible, horrible message — by the way, she’s senator now, senator of Massachusetts, Harvard Law professor,” Carolla said. “She was born in 1949, so I don’t how long the system — or what she had to do to overcome the system. She did a fucking excellent job skirting a rigged system.”

“The point is — why is she explaining to people the system is rigged against them?” Carolla added. “I fucking hate that message. It’s a horrible message, because whether you’re playing chess, football or trying to get ahead in the workplace, once you learn the system is rigged against you, then why bother going outdoors? She’s going to fix the rigged system, but how did she get to where she is, if the system was rigged? She’s not 28. She’s not a male. She’s not anything but white, and she’s not even white. She’s a Cherokee, remember? What did she do to overcome the system? She did what everybody should do — she worked hard.”

“It’s a weird and fucked up message to send to people,” he said.

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