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They finally found a task Joe Biden can manage

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Joe Biden is hilarious. And soon, it’ll be on purpose for once.

Bill Carter:

With the race won, a guest appearance by Mr. Biden on the NBC comedy “Parks and Recreation,” filmed way back in July, can finally be revealed. Everything about the scene, which the executive producer of the show, Michael Schur, labeled a “scenelet,” had been under strict secrecy. The show was warned that if any word leaked out before the election, some provision might have to be made to give the Republican vice-presidential nominee, Representative Paul Ryan, a similar cameo.

“It was all very byzantine and complicated,” Mr. Schur said. “There seem to be all kinds of specific rules, which I never fully understood. But we decided to err on the side of caution.”

Damn, the Democrats can’t even put together a sitcom cameo without cheating. But that “caution” was worth it. After all, you wouldn’t want your sitcom set to become infested with Republicans.

But what if the unthinkable had happened? How would they have dealt with such a horrible prospect?

Mr. Schur said that while they did not shoot the scene in two entirely different ways, they did give Ms. Poehler one more line to make as a glancing reference to an unhappy outcome, to have on hand just in case. “It was a very, very slight adjustment,” Mr. Schur said.

One that the show’s producers were only too happy not to need to make — although probably not nearly as happy as Mr. Biden.

It’s a given that an Obama loss would’ve been an “unhappy outcome,” of course. It’s a given that the producers of a sitcom, and the guy reporting about them, are de facto operatives of the Democratic Party. It’s a given that the double standard is the standard. We already knew all this, of course, but it’s nice to finally have it out in the open. They don’t feel like they have to pretend anymore. They don’t care if they alienate half of their potential audience. And why should they?

Speaking of Biden: When he voted on Tuesday, he was asked if it was the last time he’d be voting for himself. He just grinned that oafish grin of his and replied, “No, I don’t think so.”

Everybody assumes this means he’s planning a presidential run in 2016, but that’s not it. He just didn’t think he was voting. He thought he was in line at Pinkberry.

(Hat tip: Daniel Halper)

P.S. Entertainment Weekly: “The process of landing Biden was ‘so much less difficult than we ever possibly imagined.'” No kidding.

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