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Petraeus resigns, and it definitely has nothing to do with Benghazi

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This just in from UPI:

CIA Director David Petraeus resigned Friday, citing an extramarital affair, NBC News reported.

The retired U.S. Army general has served as CIA director since June 2011.

Coincidentally, just yesterday Fox News reported:

The House Foreign Affairs Committee has scheduled an open hearing for next Thursday on the Libya terror attack and has invited Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to testify, Fox News has learned…

The House Intelligence Committee will hold its closed hearing on the attack on Nov. 15, Fox News has learned. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director David Petraeus and Matt Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, are expected to testify.

Guess Petraeus didn’t have any sealed divorce records for Obama to wave around. But this’ll do in a pinch. The important thing is to remove the obstacle.

Not only doesn’t it matter that everybody can see what Obama is doing, it’s actually better for him that way. What good is abusing your power if you can’t laugh at your enemy’s futility?

Four more years!

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Jim Treacher