Should Reince Priebus remain as RNC Chairman?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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TheDC’s Alex Pappas reports that RNC Chairman Reince Priebus will soon decide whether or not to run for another term.

The fact that this post requires its leaders to be re-elected every two years is perhaps something worthy of rethinking. Candidates come and go, but maintaining a consistent infrastructure is a must. And it takes more than two years to put such an operation in place.

Priebus is well liked and highly regarded. But if winning elections is the definition of success, he has failed — at least, so far.

Ironically, the argument for Priebus’ re-election is similar to the case Obama’s re-election: “He inherited a mess at the RNC,” says Henry Barbour.

Sound familiar?

Interestingly, former Chair Michael Steele — despite the drama — had much better success (in terms of actually getting Republicans elected.) But comparing a midterm election to a presidential is like comparing apples and oranges.

While Priebus projects confidence and competence, a memo the RNC released just before Election Day may undermine some trust in him.

It was titled, “For Democrats, It’s (ground) game over,” and in it, he boasted: “[W]e are poised to blow the Obama campaign out on Election Day thanks to a superior GOTV program and a historical GOP Election Day advantage.”

For obvious reasons, that line is a complete and utter embarrassment.

Ultimately, it probably comes down to this: If you believe the RNC post requires a competent administrator, you’re probably still for Priebus. But if you believe that the GOP is in need of a makeover — and that a party absent a de facto leader demands someone with gravitas — then you might want to beg a Jeb Bush or a Haley Barbour to step in.

**  UPDATE: This post originally attributed the RNC memo to Priebus. It was actually signed by RNC Political Director Rick Wiley.

Matt K. Lewis