Noonan advice to GOP after loss: ‘Tea party style of rage is not one that wins over converts’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, former Ronald Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan said Mitt Romney’s sound defeat last Tuesday actually provided the Republican Party with a “promising moment” to change and broaden its demographic appeal.

“A lot of Americans don’t like the Republican Party as they currently perceive it — its attitudes, its way of dealing with people. It seems to me this is a very promising moment for Republicans. … We have a lot of people who agree with conservative values, but it wasn’t reflected in the voting the other day. I think the party should take this opportunity to change itself in many ways. One of the things that must change is its public face and its attitude. And, yes, of course, it should move forward on immigration.”

Noonan said Election Day had been a “shock” to the Republican establishment.

“Yeah, well, one of the things I think I am seeing is that the Republican establishment in Washington and the establishments wherever they exist in the country — they took a shock,” Noonan said. “They are somewhat concussed. However, the base itself has been shocked and is somewhat concussed. And I think sometimes at moments of shock you can look at yourself and you can say there are ways I need change. So I actually consider this promising in some ways.”

“It can move forward things in a good way. I think the tea party is going to have to look at itself. It’s been so helpful to the Republican Party in the past. It saved it by not going third party in 2010, helping the Republicans sweep the House. But the tea party style of rage is not one that wins over converts and makes people lean towards them and say, ‘I want to listen to you.’ I think a friendly persuasion has to begin now from the Republican Party to people of the United States.”

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