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Will Jesse Jackson Jr. end up in the joint?

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Last week, Jesse Jackson Jr. was reelected to Congress even though he’s been in hiding for months. I don’t know if they threw him an election night party at the Mayo Clinic, but it’s safe to say that the party is now over.

CBS Chicago:

A former U.S. attorney representing embattled Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is negotiating a plea deal with the federal government, CBS 2 has learned…

The plea deal would end Jackson’s 17-year career as a congressman representing Chicago’s South Side and suburbs…

The tentative deal includes:

–Jackson resigning for health reasons.

–His pleading guilty to charges involving misuse of campaign funds.

–The congressman’s repayment of any contributions that were converted to personal use, such as home furnishings, improper travel or gifts.

At least some jail time would appear to be inevitable for Jackson, the son of civil-rights icon Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and spouse of Chicago 7th Ward Ald. Sandi Jackson.

Chicago, Chicago, a hell of a town…

I don’t see why he has to step down, though. If he can keep his job without showing up for five months, why can’t he represent his constituents from prison?

No? What are you, some kind of racist?

(Hat tip: Ed Morrissey)