15 TV shows we wish were still on prime time

Laura Byrne Contributor
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Remember the days when you ran home from the school bus to eat your afternoon snack of Dunk-a-roos or Gushers, and washed it all down with a Capri Sun before tuning into your favorite show?

At least now you can crack open a beer after work, but the shows on TV just aren’t the same. Yeah, you can always watch reruns or buy all the seasons on DVD, but your roommate might judge you if you’re caught watching the same “Boy Meets World” episode again when Cory and Topanga finally get married.

While there may be a new, creatively-named spin-off show, “Girl Meets World,” in the works, there’s no way it can capture our hearts like the original. Here are the top 15 shows we not only wish were still on air, but were still acceptable for us to watch.

P.S. If you DVR the Boy Meets World reruns that come on at 5 a.m., you are not alone.

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Laura Byrne