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NBCUniversal to cut 500 jobs just to spite Obama

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I’m assuming that’s the reason, anyway. After all, according to our dear friends on the left, that’s the reason Papa John’s and Applebee’s and all these other companies are downsizing. It has nothing to do with business considerations; they just want to get back at Obama for winning.

Et tu, peacock? Variety reports:

A sporadic series of job cuts NBCUniversal has been making since August will amount to 500 positions, or 1.5% of the workforce, by year’s end.

A source at the conglom confirmed the number circulating in published reports but characterized the eliminations as “nips and cuts” aimed at reducing inefficiencies across many different divisions, as opposed to the broader layoffs that rocked NBCUniversal in the years before its acquisition by Comcast.

The bulk of the cuts have already been completed, but there are still more to come, though NBC Entertainment’s creative execs are expected to emerge unscathed.

Well, obviously. Why should the 1% be made to suffer, when there are so very many commoners to throw out into the street?

You got Obama reelected, NBC. Welcome to his economy. Welcome to Obamanomics.

(Hat tip: JWF)

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