10 things more successful than the Romney campaign’s Project Orca

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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If you haven’t heard, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign didn’t exactly turn out as he would have liked. Despite this writer’s optimistic prediction, Romney ended up losing by a comfortable margin.

As the GOP assesses what went wrong, some of Romney’s poor showing at the polls is being pinned on his campaign’s digital voter turnout strategy, Project Orca. According to many accounts, it was a disaster. Actually, a more accurate description seems to be an utter disaster, though some are still  defending it. But it helps to put things in context. If the accounts of its failure are accurate, here are 10 things that seem to have been more successful than Project Orca:

10.) The LZ 129 Hindenburg’s May 1937 journey

9.) The Charge of the Light Brigade

8.) The Titanic’s maiden voyage

7.) Equatorial Guinea’s Olympic swimming program. See their greatest aquatic athlete below:

6.) Pauly Shore’s career post-“Son in Law”

5.) Rick Perry’s debate performances

4.) Saddam Hussein’s 1991 military strategy in the Gulf War.

3.) The Egyptians’ attempt to stop Moses from leading the Israelites out of Egypt

2.) Soviet Unions’ Five Year Plans

1.) This answer by Miss Teen South Carolina 2007:

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