Bill Maher on Chris Christie: ‘I can actually embrace this guy’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In the aftermath of last month’s Superstorm Sandy, the way New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie handled the disaster by working with President Barack Obama left some conservatives questioning Christie’s motives and political future.

One of Christie’s fellow New Jerseyans, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher, spoke highly of Christie. Maher is an outspoken liberal, donated $1 million to Obama’s reelection bid and may not be an endorsement that Christie would otherwise seek out.

On Current TV’s “Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer,” Maher explained his admiration for the current New Jersey governor.

“You know, on the one hand you have people like Chris Christie who looks like somebody to me who could be a hopeful beacon in the Republican Party — somebody who when push came to shove worked with the president, put politics aside and said, ‘Look there are bigger things,’” Maher said. “I can actually embrace this guy. I know there was a lot of talk in the media about what were his machinations, why was he doing this. I don’t think it’s that complicated. I think he’s a basic guy. I don’t agree with his philosophy in politics, but basically some bad stuff happened to him in his state and he got the memo.”

Maher also praised Christie’s more general qualities, like the way he speaks and his ability to handle media.

“And he’s also kind of a straight talking guy,” Maher continued. “There are times when I listen to him and I like him because he’s saying things that don’t sound like a panderer. He’s the opposite of Mitt Romney. And I think this generation especially — they may not be well informed — I think we’re still going to have low-information voters. But they are kind of savvy about media, and I kind of think Mitt Romney may be the last candidate we see who is of that order who everything he says, everything that comes out of his mouth, just seems like it was pre-programmed. And Chris Christie seems to be the opposite of that.”

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