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Double, double, toil and trouble, Nancy’s grasp on power redoubled

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Good news, everyone! Ancient racist Nancy Pelosi isn’t going anywhere if she can help it. There were hints she might be stepping down as House minority leader, but it turned out she had her talons crossed.

Our own Alex Pappas reports:

Nancy Pelosi told Democrats on Wednesday morning that she plans to run again for Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, ending speculation that the California Democrat would resign from the leadership position following last week’s elections.

Pelosi made her intentions known during a closed-door morning caucus meeting on Wednesday with fellow Democrats, according to news reports.

Good. Pelosi is just the sort of fresh new leadership the House Democrats need.

Keep in mind, she’s doing this for the good of her party, and therefore the good of the country. It’s not about getting her hands on that gavel again. Don’t be silly.

P.S. Delightful:

And who’s the wingnut who asked her that?

I wonder how many of the people yelling at Luke Russert for referencing Pelosi’s age also thought McCain was too old to be president?