Gloria Allred slams ‘double standard,’ ‘unfair’ media coverage of women in Petraeus scandal

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Feminist lawyer Gloria Allred, known for representing women in high-profile cases, spokes exclusively with The Daily Caller on Wednesday about the sex scandal that brought the resignation of former CIA Director David Petraeus.

Allred told TheDC that she believes the media coverage has been unfair to Petraeus’ former mistress Paula Broadwell and whistle-blower Jill Kelley, whose “flirtatious” communications with Marine General John Allen are also under investigation.

“[M]y personal feeling on this matter is that women are being depicted in a negative and stereotypical manner which appears to be very unfair to all of them,” Allred wrote in an email to TheDC.

The discrimination attorney has represented women against powerful men including Herman Cain, Tiger Woods, former New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Wiener and comedian Eddie Murphy. She added that she sees a “double standard” in media coverage of the investigation and scandal.

“I do believe there is a double standard in the media coverage and I hope that one day all of the women will be able to speak and give a fuller and more positive statement about who they really are and what their role was in this matter,” she wrote.

Allred would “neither confirm nor deny” that she is representing anyone involved in the four-star scandal.

An FBI probe into harassing emails sent to Kelley revealed Petraeus’ affair with Broadwell, his biographer, who reportedly viewed Kelley as a romantic threat. Petraeus resigned his post Friday as director of the CIA, citing the affair.

Early Tuesday it was revealed that Kelley’s communications with Allen are also under investigation.

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