Reid ‘very comfortable’ about Democratic prospects if Kerry’s seat opens

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday he was “very comfortable” with the prospect of defending an open seat in his chamber should Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry be tapped for a Cabinet position, and slammed outgoing Republican Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, who would likely run to replace Kerry.

“I saw during the campaign his plea for bipartisanship,” Reid said of Brown, who ran as a moderate and independent Republican willing to work across the aisle in his ultimately unsuccessful race against Elizabeth Warren. “That is a big joke.”

“He is a travesty. He is one of the most partisan people that ever served here,” Reid went on. “He could have saved Citizens United, he could have been the 60th vote on that and many other things.”

“So I don’t need a lecture from him on bipartisanship,” Reid concluded. “He should go look in a mirror.”

Asked whether he was concerned about the potential vacancy if senior Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is tapped as Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State, for which he is rumored to be in consideration, Reid said he was not.

He said he had no information about any talks between Kerry and the White House, but said: “I’ll do everything i can to help him if he’s chosen.”

“And we feel very comfortable, if something does happen, we feel comfortable in Massachusetts,” Reid said. “I think that I’ve already told you how i feel about Scott Brown.”

Asked Tuesday if he would run again if Kerry’s seat became vacant, Brown told reporters: “We’ll see what happens.”


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