Taiwanese media animates Petraeus love affair [VIDEO]

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In what looks like a preview for a new Sims 4 game, Taiwanese humor outlet Next Media Animation released a new video dramatizing the love triangle involving retired Gen. David Petraeus.


“Conservatives question the timing of Petraeus resignation,” the English subtitles read.

The video shows a threatening letter and flames emanating from Jill Kelley’s computer screen.

“The FBI uncovered the email after Broadwell sent harrassing emails to a woman she thought was a potential rival for Petraeus’s affections,” the subtitles explained.

An FBI agent is depicted with an oversized magnifying glass following footprints across cyberspace to the foot of a Gmailbox labeled Petraeus.

Upon jumping inside the mailbox, the FBI agent witnesses Petraeus and Broadwell slipping beneath an office desk, clothing flying and hearts drifting up from the spot of their liaison.

“The two met in 2006 after Petraeus spoke at Harvard,” the subtitles read. “He gave her his card and invited her to ‘bounce ideas off him.'”

The video shows Broadwell in business attire bouncing on a trampoline labeled “Petraeus.”

“Conservatives smell a conspiracy,” read the subtitles. “They believe Obama forced Petraeus to resign to prevent him from testifying about the assault on the US Consulate in Benghazi.”

Obama, Clinton and Petraeus are seen seated around a table with a large red button that Obama pushes, tilting Petraeus’ seat backward into the flames of resignation.

On NMA’s YouTube channel, over 2,000 “Crazy Taiwanese Animations” are presented to viewers, from an “Obama vs. Romney! 2012 Song Battle!!” depicting Mitt Romney dancing “Grand Old Party” style and Barack Obama singing “Because I Got High” to a dramatization of the Gomez/Bieber relationship in “Selena Gomez dumps Justin Bieber.”

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