This Just In: Gen. Allen’s Daughter Is Hot [PHOTOS]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Four star Gen. John Allen, who is tangentially related to the Gen. Petraeus sex scandal because he had a flirtatious e-mail exchange with Jill Kelley, the woman who launched the FBI probe that led to the Paula Broadwell affair. You know all this by now.

What is getting lost in all the twists and turns here is that Gen. Allen has a hot daughter.

Bobbie Allen, 26,  is a singer-songwriter who describes “her journey in to music as serendipitous but destined,” according to her website. Allen says that she was inspired by the Carpenters and that, since she was constantly moving around due to her father’s military post, “For Bobbie Allen, home is where the stereo is.”

How poetic! More importantly, Allen posed for semi-sexy photos on the beach with her hair whipping in the wind.

Take a gander.

(All images via bobbieallenmusic.com)

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