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NRA’s LaPierre reminds us it wasn’t Bloomberg facing down looters

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Wayne LaPierre, NRA’s Executive Vice President and CEO, spoke to Ginny Simone and Cam Edwards on the election results. “When you fight like hell for freedom, you get more freedom.

As always, Wayne is clear and  unabashed on the president’s intent to advance gun restrictions. He also discusses the president’s  power to use Supreme Court nominations to advance the cause of gun control and what could happen in the 2014 elections to those legislators that support an anti-gun agenda.

Wayne reminds us it was not Mayor Michael Bloomberg that was facing down looters in the wreckage of NYC. It was lawful gun owners protecting themselves when the government was not there to protect them.

“The Second Amendment, as it always is, is right there with them. The very underpinning of their ability to stay alive.”

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