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Jesse Jackson Jr. is disabled, says Jesse Jackson Jr.

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And he wants the taxpayer dollars he stole fair and square.

Imagine having a job where you don’t have to do anything for 5 months and your contract still gets renewed. A job where you get to hide out at the Mayo Clinic because you’re under investigation for corruption, and then, when people call for you to step down because you’re probably going to jail, you can refuse to do so unless you get disability pay.

Imagine being able to get away with that.

We should all be as fortunate as Jesse Jackson Jr., according to Fox 32 News in Chicago:

Sources tell FOX 32 News that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is willing to give up his 2nd Congressional District seat if he’s given disability when he steps down.

Jackson Jr. was re-elected to his tenth term but last month, sources say, he applied for a disability package–what could be his only income if he resigns. It is expected to take a couple of weeks for Congress to approve or deny the request.

I have a disability. My disability is that I’m not named after Jesse Jackson, and therefore the rules that apply to everybody else also apply to me. It’s not fair.

Chicagoist has more news on the lonesome legislator. As Chicago goes, so goes the nation.