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NYPD: Booooooo

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On the evening of February 3, 2010, I was struck down by a State Department security vehicle while crossing the street in Washington, DC. I was crossing with the Walk signal and inside the crosswalk. In addition to a shattered knee, two major surgeries, and a couple of years of recovery, the other gift I received that night was a fraudulent jaywalking ticket.

Since then, I’ve heard similar stories of pedestrians getting run over by various authority figures and being blamed for it. But the NYPD has taken it to a whole new level. NYDN:

A Manhattan pedestrian says he was victimized twice — once when a NYPD car struck him, then when the city billed him for damage to the police vehicle.

Jesse Zorski, 25, a tailor who works in fashion design, was struck the night of April 12 as he crossed Centre St. at White St.

The police car, he said, struck his left leg, then he smashed into the side-view mirror and hit the ground, landing on his wrist…

Zorski, a native of Maine, wasn’t badly hurt, but he was treated at New York Downtown Hospital.

Later, he was billed $1,200 for the ambulance and hospital. His mother, Elise Thibodeau, paid up because the family’s insurance has a $15,000 deductible.

The family sued the city to recover the money – and got in the mail another bill, this one from a law firm hired by the city to collect $1,028.08 to cover the cost of repairs to the patrol car.

To their credit, the NYPD did admit it was a mistake. That’s more than I’ve gotten. So far.

(Hat tip: Fox News)