Lindsay Lohan goes on GMA to promote Lifetime movie, but interview proves her life already is one

Jill Gregorie Contributor

Lindsay Lohan was a guest on Friday’s “Good Morning America,” and anybody who thought that LiLo was out of ways to make a spectacle of herself was proven to be sorely, sorely mistaken.

When asked about the recent development that her father had an illegitimate daughter from an affair that took place in 1995, she told host Amy Robach,”I didn’t even hear that, so thanks for the news.”

She also lost focus and produced several outbursts when confronted with babies crying in the background, her song “Rumors” being used in a commercial transition, and realizing the show had footage of her at age 12.

Later in the interview, Lohan proclaimed, “Keep me on set. It’s safer that way.”

If that’s the case, then Hollywood should probably keep the entire Lohan clan in film production at all times, always.



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