Mark Levin: ‘Our media are now propagandists for Hamas’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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As Hamas has escalated its rocket attacks on Israel, the American media’s coverage has left much to be desired for many on the right, especially relating to Israel’s efforts to defend itself from the terror group.

On his radio show on Thursday, Mark Levin expressed frustration with the U.S. media and its reporting on the issue. Responding to a caller commenting on CNN’s coverage of the conflict, Levin explained how ABC News radio is portraying Israel as some sort of bad guy.

“It’s unbelievable in the face of terrorist attacks on your civilian population and they go on and on and on and finally Israel responds,” Levin said. “You know what else I saw, Chuck? And I heard it on radio reports from this network, the ABC radio network — you know what else I heard? They were reporting about how the Israelis killed women and children. I mean, they’re trying to use tactical efforts to respond to this stuff. Their populations are the target of the Hamas Palestinian attack and this is how our media reports this and they’re going to continue to do this.”

Levin, author “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” said the media are operating as “propagandist[s]” for Hamas and proof that the Jews do not control the media.

“I heard that today and I said our media are now propagandists for Hamas, which our own government has characterized as a terrorist organization,” Levin said.

“Our own media, propagandist for Hamas. That’s why you anti-Semites out there, ‘The Jews control the media.’ I promise you if the Jews controlled the media, those reports wouldn’t be getting out, would they Mr. Producer? No the liberals control the media,” Levin continued. “The statists control the media. Let me put it to you this way: The same forces in this country that undermine our country, the same forces in this country that lie about the greatness of this country are the same forces that do the same to countries like Israel and Taiwan and so forth.”

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