Eight disgusting fast food menu items that only America could invent [SLIDESHOW]

Jill Gregorie Contributor
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Taco Bell recently announced that it will soon begin serving a variety of snack items, such as the new “loaded grillers” – your choice of nachos, chicken or a loaded baked potato, wrapped nicely in a tortilla.

Bless Taco Bell, the tacos they serve in a Dorito shell, and the simple fact that they once responded to Michael Jordan’s infamous tweet, “I was wondering, Is a Taco a sandwitch?” (Answer: No, Michael. It’s a taco.)

But a potato — in a tortilla? That’s one food the Michelin Guide will not be awarding stars to anytime soon.

In the great American tradition of meat, grease, cheese and fried anything, let’s look back on some of the grossest fast food cuisine this nation has to offer.

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