Rubio defends Romney comment

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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ALTOONA, Iowa — Sen. Marco Rubio defended former presidential candidate Mitt Romney Saturday night, saying that he had not hurt the cause of the Republican Party with his comments this week that President Barack Obama won the election by promising “gifts” to minority voters.

Romney’s comment was denounced repeatedly by Republicans this week, but Rubio defended the former Massachusetts Governor while speaking to reporters at a fundraiser in Iowa.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Rubio said when asked if Romney’s comments had damaged the Republican Party’s hopes of moving forward into a new era.

“Obviously he’s coming off his election, he was talking to his donors, but you know, I think we’re all gonna move on and we’re gonna move forward, and I hope Mitt will stay involved in politics. I thought he was a great candidate, would have made a great president, and I hope he stays involved in our party.”

Rubio said he would address the future of the Republican Party in his speech this evening at a fundraiser celebrating the second anniversary of Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s 65th birthday.

The Florida Senator denied earlier this week that his trip here has anything to do with his presidential ambitions.

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