Anderson Cooper takes time out of war reporting to zing Twitter follower over coconut flan

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Anderson Cooper didn’t let a little thing like hanging out in a war zone stop him from zinging a Twitter follower late Monday.

After the CNN correspondent tweeted about four rockets being fired near the media station in the Gaza Strip, a random woman named Pamela Weiss — a self-proclaimed foodie, adventure seeker and social butterfly — suggested firmly that Cooper “Report a fair story. Report facts.”

Cooper replied that he had, indeed, reported the facts. But it didn’t stop there.

Cooper, with his dashing good looks, silvery locks and intrepid journalistic skills, looked through Weiss’ tweets to find a meaty opportunity to personally zing her. And zing her he did.

Cooper tweeted back at Weiss, “perhaps spend less time tweeting about coconut flan and more time actually following the news.”

Anderson, out.

Anderson Cooper zings Twitter follower

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