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Please make Sandra Fluke Time’s Person of the Year so we can all finally stop paying attention to that

Back in 2006, Time magazine made “You” their Person of the Year. And you — meaning you personally, not the Time version of “You” — probably thought that was the silliest, most solipsistic candidate they could’ve possibly picked.

You were right. Until now.

I just voted for her. Oh, you don’t think so? You don’t think she qualifies? Well, just look at her list of accomplishments:

  • She demanded free stuff.
  • Rush Limbaugh called her a rude name.
  • Obama called to make sure she was okay.

Person of the Year? More like Person of the Millennium.

Besides, consider it a protest vote. You know Obama’s going to win, because Time doesn’t want people thinking they’re racists.

(Hat tip: Stephen Green)

P.S. Sandra Fluke “honored” to be nominated for Time’s Person of the Year, calls it sexist.