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Please make Sandra Fluke Time’s Person of the Year so we can all finally stop paying attention to that

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Back in 2006, Time magazine made “You” their Person of the Year. And you — meaning you personally, not the Time version of “You” — probably thought that was the silliest, most solipsistic candidate they could’ve possibly picked.

You were right. Until now.

I just voted for her. Oh, you don’t think so? You don’t think she qualifies? Well, just look at her list of accomplishments:

  • She demanded free stuff.
  • Rush Limbaugh called her a rude name.
  • Obama called to make sure she was okay.

Person of the Year? More like Person of the Millennium.

Besides, consider it a protest vote. You know Obama’s going to win, because Time doesn’t want people thinking they’re racists.

(Hat tip: Stephen Green)

P.S. Sandra Fluke “honored” to be nominated for Time’s Person of the Year, calls it sexist.