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Did the FBI give Jesse Jackson Jr. bipolar disorder?

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As we all know, Jesse Jackson Jr. had to resign from Congress for completely legitimate medical reasons. And now, thankfully, we might have a hint as to the cause.

Chicago Sun-Times:

Federal authorities believe Jesse Jackson Jr. was tipped off to the federal investigation that ultimately contributed to the demise of his once-promising career.

Sources with knowledge of the probe told the Chicago Sun-Times that investigators believe Jackson had learned of the federal scrutiny of his financial activity prior to his June 10 leave from Congress…

While Jackson, a South Shore Democrat, eventually released information concerning his health, he did not publicly disclose he had knowledge of the federal probe until last Wednesday — the day he submitted a resignation letter to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner…

Jackson did not disclose his whereabouts until the Sun-Times reported earlier this year that he was admitted to Mayo Clinic.

The clinic later released a statement on behalf of the family, indicating that he suffered from bipolar depression.

Well, finding out the feds are investigating you is enough to make anybody depressed! No wonder the poor guy completely disappeared for months on end, with no good explanation. The man was fighting for his very sanity.

The question isn’t how Jesse Jackson Jr. got reelected. The question is… how did the other guy get any votes?