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Sandra Fluke is now taking bids

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As it turns out, she charges by the hour. What? It’s literally true.

Eric Owens:

The College Fix reports that women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke, last seen demanding that Congress force Catholic schools and other religious organizations to offer cheap contraceptive drugs, has put up for auction one hour of her time for an online “strategy session” at the charity auction site BiddingForGood.com…

According to the auction page, “Social justice advocate Sandra Fluke will help you harness the power of activism and/or advocacy with this strategy session. You bring the expertise on your issue, and Sandra will bring her sharp strategic mind and national experience.”

Is that what they’re calling it these days? Ha ha, just kidding.

Here, I’ll save you the money. Becoming a success the Sandra Fluke way is easy:

  1. Demand whatever that you think you have coming to you by virtue of being born.
  2. Wait for Rush Limbaugh to say something mean about you on the radio.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

How much sharper and more strategic can you get?

As of the time of this writing, bidding stands at $110. Come on, people, we can do better than that. What’s another 10 bucks? You’re already saving that much every month on birth control, thanks to her. Pay up.