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Obama has a fish named after him, because at this point why not

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What’s slippery, has a small brain, and can’t see what’s right in front of it? A Democrat! So the following story makes complete sense.

Jenny Rogers at the Washington Examiner reports:

Two scientists, Steve Layman of Geosyntec Consultants and Rick Mayden of Saint Louis University, have discovered five new fish species among populations previously thought to be Speckled Darters. Layman told BuzzFeed that the new Spangled Darter, named Etheostoma Obama and found in Tennessee, was named for the president “for his environmental leadership” and “more global vision” in approaching conservation.

The other four are Etheostoma Gore, Etheostoma JimmyCarter, Etheostoma TeddyRoosevelt, and Etheostoma Clinton. They’re named after Democrats (except Teddy, on a technicality) because they make everybody else do all the work while they just float through life looking stupid.

Obamacare, meet Obamacarp.

And now, just because:

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