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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Citizen activist Kim Simac

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Kim Simac is a conservative woman of action.

A Wisconsin mother of nine children, Simac is contagiously enthusiastic and devoted to America’s story. Since getting fired up politically in 2009, she has started a tea party group, wrote the patriotic children’s book “With My Rifle by My Side,” and even ran for Wisconsin’s state legislature. And she did all of this while running a horse farm.

In essence, Simac is a grassroots conservative leader who works tirelessly for the things she believes in all while juggling life’s other challenges. Though political elites in both parties often overlook activists like Simac, they epitomize what makes America great.

The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas recently spoke to Simac in Washington about voter fraud, Benghazi, the widening gap between the so-called Republican “establishment” and grassroots, the alleged “war on women” and much more.

Do you think there might have been voter fraud in Wisconsin?

Should the tea party be blamed for failing to show up for the 2012 election?

Is the divide between the Republican establishment and the tea party widening?

What’s the future for Republican governors, Washington and grassroots patriots?

What is your background and what did you do?

What happened from your Wisconsin perch?

What lessons did you take away from doing politics at the grassroots level?

What is your take on the manufactured “war on women”?

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