Even Sen. Alan Simpson gets down ‘Gangnam Style’ [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Sen. Alan Simpson, 81, has moves you’ve never seen — until now.

The Republican senator posted a video to his YouTube account of him doing the now-infamous “Gangnam Style” dance in the hopes of getting young people engaged in the fiscal cliff situation.

Simpson begins the video by telling young people to “stop Instagramming your breakfasts and tweeting your first world problems and getting on YouTube so you can watch ‘Gangnam Style.'”

He then launches into the pony dance along with a man dressed as an aluminum can as part of Simpson’s “The Can Kicks Back” campaign that hopes to get young people involved in a “grassroots” movement to support a bipartisan solution to the debt crisis.

Simpson will be on “The Daily Show” Wednesday to discuss the fiscal cliff — the question remains whether or not he will bust a move on national television.


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