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Merriam-Webster’s top two words of the year: “socialism” and “capitalism”

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I guess people are trying to decide?

Here’s M-W editor Peter Sokolowski announcing the big news:


“Certainly not a socialist.” Oh, heavens no! Let’s all chuckle indulgently at Charlie Rose.

So, everybody wants to know what socialism is and how it differs from capitalism. It’s a start, I guess. Here’s a hint: Everything about what you just saw, from the clothes the broadcasters wore to the shiny set they were sitting in to the fact that it was broadcast across the country and now you’re watching it on your computer, is the result of capitalism. That’s why capitalism is evil and must be destroyed.

Yay, socialism! Bring it on!

(Hat tip: Ace)

P.S. CBS News disabled embedding on the clip after I posted this. Weird.