Nudists protest new ban on nudity in San Francisco…

Laura Byrne Contributor
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Nudists protested a new law banning nudity in San Francisco in the best way they know how: getting naked.

After the board of supervisors approved the ban during a meeting on Tuesday, men and women stood up and started shedding their clothing in the middle of city hall, CBS San Francisco reports. The sheriff’s deputies escorted the nudists from the building, covering their naked bodies with blankets.

Nudist protest in San Francisco. Getty Images.

Nudist protest in San Francisco. Getty Images.

The board originally passed the new law 6-5 on Nov. 20., but it wasn’t until Tuesday that it was approved. San Francisco is typically tolerant towards nudists, but this new law mandates that clothes must be worn on city streets, sidewalks, plazas and other public spaces.

After Mayor Ed Lee signs off on the new ordinance, the law will be enforced starting Feb. 1. Those found breaking the law will be fined $100 and could serve time for repeated offenses.

But this is not the end of the road for San Franciscan nudes just yet. They will still be able to wear their birthday suits at street fairs, parades and other permitted public events.

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