Father demands legislators remove developmentally disabled daughter from voting rolls

Laura Byrne Contributor
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Cecil Pearson isn’t getting any help from legislators in North Carolina in his effort to remove his illiterate, developmentally disabled daughter from the electoral register, more than a month after officials at her group home helped her vote for President Barack Obama.

Pearson told The Daily Caller his daughter, Darlene Pearson, “should have been purged from the voting rolls along time ago,” noting that he has contacted several elected officials about the issue, including North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan.

“Kay Hagan said she couldn’t help me. … She couldn’t do anything about it,” Pearson said in a phone interview with TheDC on Thursday. “It was a nice way of telling me she didn’t want to get involved.”

Pearson said he hasn’t heard from the rest of the legislators he has contacted.

“Nothing is happening,” Pearson said. “I don’t know where to go, what to do. … I’ve done about all I can do.”

Under North Carolina law, his daughter, who functions cognitively at the level of a seven-year-old, is permitted to vote. (RELATED: Father furious after group home takes daughter to vote for President Obama)

Pearson was first alarmed when his daughter told him she voted for Obama in November.

“My  daughter was registered to vote in 1996, but this is the first time she voted in 2012,” Pearson explained.

“The child has been a group home for 20 years and has never mentioned voting, and then the night before the election, the administrator of the group home holds a round table with my daughter to see who’s registered to vote,” he said.

Pearson called the round table “a crash course” and said the administrator told his daughter “who Obama was and what he stood for, and it was driven in their heads.”

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