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George Zimmerman sues NBC News

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This was first reported last October, and now he’s finally doing it. Poynter reports:

Lawyers for George Zimmerman, who has been charged in the murder of Trayvon Martin, announced Thursday that their defendant has sued NBC for airing edited audio of a 911 call that was made before the shooting.

Zimmerman is also suing two people fired by the network and an owned-and-operated affiliate for their role in airing the edited audio; also being sued is one person still employed by the network, as well as the network itself…

The edited 911 call aired in March. The following month, NBC News President Steve Capus said editing the audio was “a mistake and not a deliberate act to misrepresent the phone call.” The lawsuit calls Capus’ statement a “bogus non-apology.”

As a reminder, here’s the audio NBC News played, followed by the unedited version:

He was answering the dispatcher’s direct question, and NBC News edited it to make him sound like a racist. They don’t get to do that, even if they do think he’s guilty.

P.S. Maybe now we’ll find out the name of the producer who made the edit. NBC claimed they fired him or her, but never gave a name. Which kind of makes it hard to prove one way or the other.

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