Hottest bikini bodies of 2012 [VIDEO]

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December is going to be a rough month for everyone. If it’s not the threat of the economy plunging off a cliff with all the grace of a swarm of lemmings, it’s a Mayan curse that threatens to reverse the earth’s magnetism.

Now it is true that both of these apocalypses may not come to pass. It is infinitely more likely that your neighbor will try to blind you in to a coma with his Christmas lights, but even so, add in a mix of cold and snow and you probably need something to cheer you up.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, TheDC is riding to the rescue and serving up the hottest bikini bodies of 2012. Think of it as an early Christmas present, a mug of hot apple cider for the mind if you would. 2012 has been a good year for people stripping down to their bathing suits (or less) in front of the cameras, although perhaps not intentionally, in Kate Middleton’s case.

No rundown would be complete without first mentioning Kate Upton’s now famous “Cat Daddy” video. With viewing numbers in the millions (one million in the first 24 hours) her video appeared on Terry Richardson’s website, and guys everywhere will be able to tell you exactly where they were when they first saw it and also the cataclysmic sense of loss they felt when it was pulled by Youtube for being just too much of a good thing. (It has now been reinstated.)

Of course, when discussing bikini bodies, special mention must be made of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where A-listers provide the backing track to the angels posing on stage.


Although sometimes lingerie can get you in trouble. Not in a Bill Clinton sense but in a “racially demeaning oriental culture” sense. This Geisha inspired costume was not Victoria’s most angelic of choices.


Calendars are also abound this year. There are the usual suspects from NFL teams.

Watch the New Orleans “Saint-sations”

Watch the San Diego’s “Charger Girls”

While we are on the subject of calendars, there are also the more “out-there” calendars available. If you prefer your supermodels to be a cross between “Playboy” and “Dawn of the Dead,” you can pick up the “zombie calendar.” When it became publicly acceptable to put up pictures of scantily clad re-animated corpses on your office wall is probably a discussion for another time, but it is available, if that’s your thing.


It’s not just football where people in skimpy dress are to be found. When you develop a racing series that has its roots in liquor smuggling, there are always going to be an abundance of bawdy jokes. One suspects though that if it were Richard Petty sprawled across a classic American roadster, people would be less captivated, but you never know.


Celebrity news has also been stripping bare this year. Courtney Stodden refused to do porn but was OK with posing for Playboy (you have to draw the line somewhere right?).


The mother of the future UK monarch was snapped in various states of undress while on holiday.


From A-list to Z-list there have been celebrities of all classes showing off what they have. New mom Beyonce Knowles posed for Sports Illustrated this year. To husband Jay-Z, all we have to say is that we doubt your sincerity regarding that “Hard Knock Life” you keep singing about.


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