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Union supporter to Steven Crowder: “You deserved what you got”

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From last night’s Hannity:


Yeah, what was Crowder thinking? If those women and children and old folks didn’t want those union guys to bring down a huge tent on top of them, they shouldn’t have exercised their right to free assembly. Really, we should be thanking those fine gentlemen. They did all that work and it wasn’t even in their contract.

Andy Sullivan (not to be confused with Andrew) followed up on his blog this morning. All capitalization and lack of commas in the original:

I would never advocate any acts of violence and this Call to Arms by these union leaders is destructive to what they are trying to do and in the end it’s the Rank and File member who suffers with this demonization and the entire group develops this terrible stigma that makes the Union completely unpalatable to the entire nation.

It’s unclear how Sullivan reconciles this with “You deserved what you got.” Did he not mean that? If not, what did he mean? Perhaps he can explain.

Get ready for a lot more of this sort of thing. If you say you don’t condone violence, and then you go on to explain why violence is no big deal because it furthers your agenda and/or you don’t like the person being attacked, #YouMightBeALiberal.

Update: Media Matters silent as networks ignore union violence. Of course they are.

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