Funniest political moments from the roller coaster that was 2012 [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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The last year was a political roller coaster, and often you may not have known whether to laugh or cry. Until you remembered that the people invading your TV and covering this green and pleasant land with yard signs are the ones either running your country, or wanting to run your country. Then you just wanted to drink yourself under the table and chain smoke.

So as you sit back with your glass of something strong, watch the smoke waft skyward (like health care premiums under Obamacare), and allow us to present to you a selection of the best gaffes, zingers and Joe Biden moments of 2012, because if you don’t laugh, you will cry.

Lets start with the best-known loser of 2012: Mitt Romney.

Then there’s the guy who beat him.

And an empty chair who became a national sensation.

Of course, in all the excitement of the campaign, nothing tells people more about who you are as a person than a Chia Pet Romney or Obama.

Let’s not forget the bottom-of-the-ticket guys. In one corner we have Paul Ryan — the P90X fitness fan with the “Saved by the Bell” pictures to prove it.

And in the other corner, we have Joe “BFD” Biden. And old Joe has always been good for soundbites: If he wasn’t cuddling up to bikers on the campaign trail, he was talking about the GOP putting people back in chains.

The VP debate was the most anticipated debate of all, and not for policy reasons or a substantive discussion about the choices facing the country. The only reason anybody wanted to watch the VP debate — a contest for the job once described as worth a “warm bucket of spit” — was the hope that crazy Uncle Joe would say something funny. He didn’t disappoint.

Remember folks: In less than two years, we can do it all again.