Michigan governor Snyder likely to veto bill that would allow concealed carry inside schools

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder suggested in an interview with MLive.com Monday that he will likely veto a bill that would allow Michigan gun owners to carry concealed weapons inside schools.

“I wouldn’t say I’m prepared to sign it by any means,” Snyder said, referring to Friday’s tragic school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

“I haven’t made a decision one way or another on it. … I need to see what it says. But the shooting gives you clear pause to say, ‘Would this be appropriate?’ That was a terrible thing to happen.”

Snyder became a national conservative hero when he signed his state’s right-to-work bill last week. But Snyder stressed in an interview with the Daily Caller last Tuesday that he makes his decisions on a bill-by-bill basis, without blindly committing to conservative ideology. (RELATED: Snyder not too bothered by violent union protests)

As Snyder suggested, even prominent conservatives and gun-rights supporters are reconsidering their gun-control positions in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting.

Moderate Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Republican Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, who each have “A” ratings from the National Rifle Association, said that the massacre in Connecticut has forced them to reconsider their stances on gun rights.

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