Former Miss Pennsylvania has to pay Donald Trump $5 million because he isn’t rich enough

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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A former Miss USA pageant contestant has been ordered to pay Donald Trump’s organization $5 million after making “slanderous” comments against it earlier this year.

Sheena Monnin (of course her name is Sheena) accused the June pageant of being rigged, calling it “fraudulent [and] lacking in morals” on her Facebook page, the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette reports.

Monnin alleged that back in June, Miss Florida saw a piece of paper listing the top five finalists before the top 16 had been announced, and said that the pageant was rigged.

According to the Gazette, the judge’s ruling found that “the method in which the Miss USA Pageant is judged … precludes any reasonable possibility that the judging was rigged.”

The judge also wrote that Monnin’s “defamatory statements” were false, harmful to the Miss USA organization and showed a “reckless disregard” for the facts. (This can only must mean that the judge has never heard of the Miss USA pageant before and thought it already had a good reputation.)

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