Mark Levin to GOP: ‘There will be a political backlash for selling out’ on fiscal cliff [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Wednesday radio show, conservative talker Mark Levin warned Republicans against voting for House Speaker John Boehner’s fiscal cliff “Plan B” when it comes up for a vote on Thursday.

“These politicians — particularly these Republicans that I’m focused on — they create records for themselves,” Levin said. “And tomorrow, they’re going to create a record for themselves. How are they going to vote? See, the way we conservatives look at it, the way we the people look at it, is they’re going to vote for a tax increase. We don’t care on whom.”

“We also understand the government is out of control, and any tax increase — including the Boehner tax increase — will have no effect whatsoever on the budget or controlling the government, on re-establishing constitutional government,” he added. “There will be a political backlash for selling out.”

Levin said Boehner’s proposal is out of step with conservative principles.

“And I’m telling the so-called conservative Republicans in the House this will be a key determining factor for your future political careers,” he continued. “You won’t be able to run from it. And all your mush-mouthed, spaghetti-brained thinking isn’t going to fix it. You’re going to put a marker down, and we’re going to see it.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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